American Prairie | Coming Soon to YouTube

From the breaking of the soil, to sewing of the seed, to the harvest of our food, this is American Prairie. From the building of the first home, to the building of communities, this is American Prairie. From the first merchant, to the development of a business district, this is American Prairie.

"American Prairie" is a weekly half hour show featuring the people, places, and events of America while also showcasing the beauty of this great nation. This is America... "bold and beautiful just the way she was meant to be!"


Scott Walkington, Executive Producer

As the founder of Double Dove Productions and the creator of "American Prairie", Scott is the driving force of the whole production. From the central Illinois area, his diversified background includes videography, interviews, public speaking, music entertainment, retailer, accounting, farming and charity work.

Tristan Higbee, Producer & Reporter

Having traveled the world, Tristan has a YouTube channel called "SUV RVing" and sells a line of camping/ RV accessories online. Coming from the Southwest, he joined Double Dove Productions in 2018 as a cameraman, aerial videographer, editor, reporter, and producer.

Logan Schumacher, Promotions

Coming from Las Vegas NV, Logan moved to Central Illinois to be closer to his family. His background includes graphic design, web building, promotions and marketing. He joined us briefly in 2017 and is back with us in 2019 specializing in our promotions and marketing.